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Appended Rules / Connection Issues

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I am making this post because as usual there are some of you that seem to be unfamiliar with how some things work, so im going to post this and link it to the chat so it can be easily pointed to.

Appended Rules:
  • Tele-hack is no longer allowed! for now the mounts speed have been increased so you can still get around fast. ghostmode is also not allowed anymore
  • there is a section to post about hackers, if you dont have some kind of proof dont bother posting, all you do is give the hackers the heads up, instead if you have no proof, PM a staff member with the name of the character so they can be watched.
  • we dont exchange or trade out donation items for tickets or any other donation items, if it was a technical malfunction on our part then of course we replace items, but if you put options on ur items that u later find out you dont want do not ask us to replace them, a car dealership wont give u another car if you put the wrong gas in it, a television dealer wont replace your television if you dont like whats on television, and we wont replace items because you didnt ask anyone or research before you made ur items, we are not a pawnshop, all requests for item replacement due to user negligence will be ignored.
  • due to players being completely ungrateful we stopped doing ticket transfers weeks ago, we will not transfer tickets from one account to another, if you want items on another account they will have to be traded. we did this as a courtesy as time permitted and players took complete advantage of the hospitality and then proceeded to bitch and complain when they were not transferred the second they requested it, so the courtesy ended, all requests for ticket transfers will be ignored.
  • no more alt guilds in siege, if you have ur main guild in siege, do not sign ur alt guild up, if an alt guild is found in siege it will be disbanded and the leader of the alt guild will be jailed for 1 month.
  • do not sign up for siege if you do not plan to attend, if it is found out that you signed up with the intention of locking legitimate guilds from signing up your guild will be disband, the leader will be jailed for 1 month, continued attempts will result in all characters from members IP being jailed.
  • do not ask to be staff, its obvious to anyone that has ever played here that we dont just let ppl who ask, be staff, as a matter of fact the quickest way to NOT be staff is to ask. we pick staff from our playerbase, and they are scouted by the admins who look at alot of things over a period of time, when they want or need extra staff you will either be approached by an admin, or an admin will post staff openings. requests to be staff will not be ignored, instead they will be flagged and placed on a 'do not consider for staff' list
Connecting issues/Client issues:

some ppl have had connection issues and/or general client issues, below i will list things that may (or may not) help you, please try all of these things b4 posting or spamming the chat, if i find out that you didnt try all of these things when u post or spam the chat i will be upset, and you wont like it when i am upset, makes me very unstable and unpredictable, no telling what ill do to you, so be sure you try all of these things.

Disconnecting when logging in to Loa

Sometime you may experience the game crashing when logging in to loa, this can happen for several reasons, there could be a bad mob that was spawned, there could be alot of players on the exact spot your character is (this is common on return points), its difficult to pinpoint an exact issue, but in order to get back in game follow the steps below;
  • Log on to your account on the website
  • Find the character that is having the issue and click the 'Return' button
  • Choose a different map (Braiken is recommended) other than Loa or what ever map you are having the issue loading
  • On the same character, choose 'Stuck' and a small menu will pop up, click 'Stuck' again in the smaller menu (this will place your character at the new return point you chose in the previous step
  • Log back in to the character in game


  • the launcher has been changed, the current launcher (launcher.exe) will now put the new launcher (Nemesis.exe) in your nemesis folder, this launcher has 2 files other than its self; version and Ionic.Zip.dll. if you delete the version file, then your updates will start over, Ionic.Zip.dll is required to be with Nemesis.exe, and both are required to be in your main nemesis folder, if you want you may download the most updated launcher HERE
  • make sure your launcher is up to date, i will start posting the latest update so u can compare it to what your launcher says you are at, if your launcher is having issues updating all the way then open the 'version' file (with notepad) in ur nemesis folder and change the number in there to a lower number, try to shoot for at least 10 patches below what is currently in there (example: if the number in there is 30.190 change it to 30.188) save it also, you can delete the 'version' file completely and it will patch from the beginning, make sure you HAVE NO CLIENTS OPEN and restart your launcher allowing it to patch all the way. IF YOU HAVE A CLIENT OPEN THEN IT WILL NOT PATCH!!!!
  • if your launcher still acts like it doesnt want to act right, re-extract the rar file you downloaded, or download another rar file, be sure your AV isnt trying to 'clean' the download, as this tends to break it, some shitty AV's still see the encryption on the client as a false positive for a virus, i assure you that it is not a virus, rather a free encryption on the files that has been known to be used by malware companies, because its free anyone can use it.


  • if you cannot log on to the server but your client starts up (example 'disconnected from server') then refer to launcher issues, as it is more than likely not patched up all the way. ALSO if you cannot see an item other players can see, this is also a launcher issue, follow the directions on the left to update your client correctly
  • if your client crashes at the character screen as soon as you log in, then log into you account on the website, choose the character with the issue from the menu to the left, and click 'stuck' on his section. This will put you at your saved return point.
  • if your client crashes when u choose a character, then log into your account on the website, choose the character with the issue from the menu to the left, and click 'stuck' on his section. This will put you at your saved return point.
  • DC'ing alot can be a few issues, one of them being the launcher not updating your files, in which case refer to the launcher issues, most of the time tho it is caused by players hitting their skill buttons 1000x every 10 seconds, so dont do this, if this isnt the case then it could also be a bad item or mob but if it is a bad item or mob then it will also effect the players around you as well, if you are the only one DC'ing then its either a launcher/update related issue, or ur spamming ur skills.
if all else fails - delete all nemesis installs from ur PC, restart ur PC, then redownload the client except this time put it in a different folder then you have had it in (example: if you usually have the nemesis folder in My Documents, then reinstall on C:) make sure your AV if disabled or an exception has been made, run everything as administrator, and then if u still have issues make a post with as much detail to you problem as possible and someone will help you as best as they can.

New Game Features -
  • Argate drops/exchange. coppers, silvers, and gold argates drop in fantasy, greens and mavrics can be acquired at the argate exchanges in loa and ardeca.
  • Guild name colors and font have been disabled, in the future these modifications will be placed on the itemshop. it has been disabled due to the fact that some angry ppl exploit this feature to make players DC and cause issues for the server, so dont ask for it to be changed, you will be ignored.
  • New classes have been release, this is still in beta so there may be some bugs, please look on the forums to see if the bugs you find have already been posted, and if not please make a detailed post about your the issue
this post will be updated as issues and/or resolutions arise

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Added a small tut to get back in game after DCing when trying to log back in to Loa

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